Access Panel: Enable WiFi

Access Panel: Enable WiFi

If your HybridAF box works over the WiFI connection this guide will explain how to relink the WiFi in the event the system is not connected. 

  • Get a laptop with an ethernet cable
  • Disconnect the laptop from the Wifi
  • Take off the cover on the white hybird box
  • Plug in the laptop to the yellow admin port (right port)
  • Open your internet browser, and type in
  • When prompted enter the following:
    • User name: cli
    • Password: new5cli
  • From the main page of the interface click on Networking and then click WiFi
  • When the WiFi settings page appears, make sure the Enable WiFi checkbox is checked
  • Enter the SSID name of your network or select from the list of available networks post the scan
  • Enter the WPA Paraphrase
  • Click Save
  • Disconnect the laptop
  • Wait until the right blue light on the white hybrid box is solid again and then test

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