App indicates unlocked but, door doesn’t open

App indicates unlocked but, door doesn’t open

·        In the even your app says the door is unlocked but the door does not open please check the following:

  1. Doors with a Crashbar/Panic Bar
    1. Check to ensure that the external power supply for the device is powered on.
    2. This is typically near the door or near the internet.
    3. The installer of the system should have shown you the additional power supply location.
    4. Once the power is confirmed back on reattempt to unlock the door via the app.
    5. If that does not work then contact support by calling 84-HYBRIDAF (844-927-4313) and choosing option 2
  2. Doors with an electronic strike cut into the frame
    1. Check to make sure that the door is not pushing open into the lock.
    2. If the door is pressuring the lock it will hold the locking mechanism from being able to release.
    3. If the locking mechanism is sticking slightly you can use “Silicon Lube” on the locking mechanism for maintenance
    4. If that does not work then contact support by calling 84-HYBRIDAF (844-927-4313) and choosing option 2

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