Send/Reply to Alerts

Send/Reply to Alerts

·         Note: The alert feature allows gym admins to send or receive notifications from members. All messages sent from a member to the gym will be available to all gym admins.

  1. Login to the HybridAF app
  2. Click the Message Icon
  3. Create Alert
  4. Gym: If you have access as an admin to multiple gyms you can select the gym members you want to alert
  5. Headline:
    1. Message that shows in the push notification or as the subject to an email
  6. Alert Methods - 
    1. Push – sends a push notification to their device
    2. SMS – sends an sms to the number on file. Note; if a cell phone is not entered they will not receive an SMS but, will see the message in their app.
    3. Email – sends an email to the email on file
  7. To Members
    1. Shows a list of all members at your selected gym. Can select all or filter by status or names
    2. Clicking Filter gives you the option to filter by user name or the user status (All, Active or Inactive)
  8. Alert Body
    1. The details of the alert that would be shown in the email body or in the app.

·         Alerts Tab

  1. Displays all alerts that have been sent by the gym or direct messages to the gym
  2. Details shows who an alert was sent to and how
  3. Replies shows the replies tab filtered to just that alert

·         Replies Tab

  1. Displays the individual replies by user to the gym.

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