Managing the Door Schedule

Managing the Door Schedule

For an Overview of the Door Schedule Feature

Click here for a full overview of the Schedule Management Feature.

To manage the door schedule do the following:
  1. Login to the app as an admin
  2. Click My Gym
  3. Click Schedule
  4. If you have Multiple Doors simply select the door you wish to manage.
  5. Unlock Schedule Section
    1. Clicking any day will bring you to the manage mode for that day.
    2. Periods will display the times the timeframe the door is unlocked or "None"
  6. Modifying a Period
    1. After clicking the day click Add Period to add a new unlock period
    2. To delete a period simply click the Red X
    3. Once all changes are made click Save Schedule
  7. Schedule Exceptions Section
    1. Clicking the Enabled/Disabled text will bring you to the manage mode for that event.
    2. Type 
      1. Enabled = Will keep the door open and unlocked
      2. Disabled = Will override the schedule and keep the door locked.
    3. Date = The date for the exception to occur
    4. Start/End Time = The time frame for the exception to occur.
    5. Save Exception = Saves and takes you back to the Schedule Overview
    6. Save / Add New = Saves and starts a new Schedule Exception
    7. Delete Exception = Deletes the current exception. 
    8. Note: If saving or modifying a current exception please give the system a couple minutes to process the change and send it down to your site.

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