Schedule Management Overview

Schedule Management Overview

The app provides two features to manage schedules:

  1. Door Schedule
    1. Overview:
      1. Allows for setting time frames on Monday-Sunday for the door to remain unlocked. You can also add an exception to have the door enabled or disabled during a scheduled timeframe.
      2. Please note that this will run every day, so you need to put in exceptions for Holidays, Special Events, etc if the door schedule will be changing on a given day.
      3. The best practice is to use the manual bypass switch for your door as opposed to the schedule since the schedule required more maintenance.
      4. To enable this feature contact
    2. About the Screen:
      1. If you have multiple doors click the door drop down to toggle between them.
      2. The days will show when scheduled unlock periods exist. To edit a day simply click the day hyperlink you want to edit.
      3. The schedule exceptions all you to set the door to be unlocked outside of a normal scheduled unlock or to lock it during a scheduled unlock event. For instance you want to unlock all day on a specific Saturday for a coemption or you want to lock it all day on a Holiday.
  2. App Disable
    1. Overview:
      1. Allows you to disable the app for your members during a schedule time daily or during a special event.
      2. We also have a feature to allow emergency access if the app is disabled during a timeframe for a user which we consider the best practice if this feature is enabled.
    2. About the Screen:
      1. Allow Emergency Access When Disabled - This will allow members to access the door even during a disable window (Class Member or App Disabled via Schedule or Exception). This is considered a best practice to enable as it allows members the ability to still access the door and provides you a reason as to why they had to. For instance they left something in the gym and need to go back in to get it or they are injured and have called emergency services and want to buzz them in from where they are at in the facility.
      2. Send Push Notifications On Emergency Access - Gives you a notification if someone does an emergency access entry. This is separate from the standard access event notifications.
      3. The days will show when scheduled disable periods exist. To edit a day simply click the day hyperlink you want to edit.
      4. The exceptions allow you to set the app to be disabled outside of the normal schedule. For instance you have a training seminar and wand to shut down access to the facility during that window of time.

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